For Veterinarians is here to provide home delivery of veterinary specialty diets for your clients. Our warehouse stocks a complete line of Hill's Prescription Diet, Blue Natural Veterinary Diets, Purina Veterinary Diets, and Royal Canin Veterinary Diets.

Unlike other online veterinary diet retailers, RxPetfood does not, has not, and will not up-sell other veterinary products (such as supplements or flea control) to your clients. is a professional alternative to online Pet Pharmacies who are looking to convert sales of pet food into other non nutrition related sales.

Many of our veterinary referrals come from practitioners wanting to free up space in their clinics for the practice of veterinary medicine rather than the storage of pet food.

Other Veterinarians prefer the advantages of sending customers to the convenience of RxPetfood's home delivery rather than through the doors of a competing Animal Hospital down the street to obtain pet food.

Clients appreciate the service of Home Delivery and appreciate you for directing them to that option. technicians contact your facility via phone or fax to obtain authorization to fulfill orders to customers based on your recommendation.